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    International monitoring specialising in delivering complete structural monitoring packages

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    Access to your Vibration Data via a dedicated website allowing remote data monitoring and download

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    Bespoke Tilt Monitoring Packages Designed, Built, installed and Maintained

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    Inclinometers for monitoring tilt of excavations or walls in civil engineering projects.

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    Designers and manufacturers of specialist strain monitoring packages

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    Access all your Data via our Website, and easily view graphs and tables. Pinpoint any exceedances with a glance.



We are a specialist international structural & geotechnic monitoring company
with experience, a broad service range and staff that want to help.


    We have many years of experience in the monitoring industry so we will help find & supply exactly what your project needs.


    Our data capture loggers are industry leading, with extreme precision and able to survive the toughest of environments.


    We have invested heavily in software to provide you with modern and intuitive ways to view, interact and manipulate your data.


Our expertise covers safety critical projects to ones that just require background monitoring data.
All of our projects are uniquely crafted.


CMCS Ltd is an international monitoring company specialising in all key areas that are vital in delivering a complete monitoring package.

Our research, development, design, manufacture, testing, calibration and installation are all carried out inhouse so you are guaranteed that your system has been taken from start to finish without leaving our hands. The solutions we offer are bespoke, tailored systems directly moulded to your project, combining this with our inhouse capabilities you can be assured you are getting the best solution at an affordable price.

Our intelligent data acquisition systems are designed specifically for structural monitoring and movement monitoring in the construction and geotechnic industry, they incorporate features that are unique, efficient and cost effective. Our expertise covers safety critical projects to ones that just require background monitoring data.


  • Inclinometers

    Inclinometers play a big part in construction, particularly when the construction project involves digging down to provide basements for parking etc. They provide important information on how the sides of the excavation are performing while spoil is being extracted (are the sides moving in or out).

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  • Extensometers

    CMCS can provide all types of extensometer, including loggers and installation.

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  • Tilt Monitoring

    Tilt sensors can be used an a variety of ways to measure movement. They are particularly useful in the following scenarios; piling, demolition, marine & jetty monitoring, distortion monitoring and construction.

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  • Strain Monitoring

    All materials subjected to a change in load undergo a change in dimension, i.e. strain. Strain is defined as Change in length/original length; a dimensionless value. Strain gauges vary in length; however, CMCS typically monitor strain over 150 mm requiring the gauge to have a resolution of approximately 0.0002 mm in order to monitor micro strain.

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  • Vibration Monitoring

    The CMCS Vibradec is a logging unit that when connected by cable to one or two geophone sensing arrays, records and processes vibrations in three orthogonal directions, X, Y and Z. Limits can be set on allowable levels of vibration that if exceeded cause an alarm.

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  • Consultancy

    CMCS has been active in the monitoring and instrumentation field for over 25 years since its birth out of the Geotechnics division of the British Research Establishment (BRE). In that time CMCS has overseen the development of many different solutions for customers all over the globe.

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  • Load Cells

    CMCS manufacture, supply and install Load Cells which are designed and built to fit the requirements of individual jobs. CMCS have Load Cells in the Mansion house in London, and have used them in many projects around the world, from large 200ton Load Cells, to small 10kN Load Cells.

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  • Tunnel Monitoring

    Monitoring tunnels is where CMCS started 25 years ago, both London Underground and Network Rail have provided CMCS with many varied projects over the years.

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  • Marine Monitoring

    Monitoring of marine structures requires an extra level of detail in the design phase due to the corrosive nature of seawater and the harsh environment it operates in.

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  • Automatic Total Stations

    Total stations are used extensively in the field of monitoring and instrumentation and are ideally suited to taking measurements over a short period of time.

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  • CMCS have been a pleasure to do business with. They have a heap of experience, always happy to help and got the job done very efficiently. They are constantly moving forward with new developments that are actually useful.

  • User friendly business, provided good technical support and assistance for both the enabling works and the main project, use them again.

  • The scoring across the board is consistently high due to the outstanding performance of CMCS. The company is led with an ethos of professionalism and care for the service they provide. Due to this attitude the company at all levels is committed to providing a product that both works and is financially competitive. The knowledge they have to hand is impressive and has assisted with producing successful projects. I will continue to use them for my future projects.

    Balfour Beatty
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